Newsletter 2011 EN

Nov./Dec. 2011 issue
Keywords: Stadtwerke Mainz AG, drinking water pipes, ductile iron, Kostheim district of the town, main road, banks of the river Main, gas pipelines, drinking water pipeline, DN 300 ductile iron pipes, wall-thickness class K 9, cement mortar coating, restrained push-in joints, BRS®, TYTON SIT PLUS® gaskets, durability, ductile iron pipe systems, external loads, corrosive soil, difficult ground, re-routeing of traffic, sections of installation work, leak tests, water samples, German drinking water regulations (TrinkwV), market town of Prien am Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria, Bernauer Straße, traffic, DN 150, EN 545, cement mortar lining, trenchless installation, horizontal directional drilling technique, connected up pipe by pipe, economical, fast connection, time-saving pulling-in of the pipes, WKG, Michendorf, Potsdam (in the state of Brandenburg), Nesselgrund bridge, federal highway B 2, multi-track railway line, vehicle traffic, interim bridge, steel, main drinking water pipeline, frost-proof, heat-compensating ductile iron pipes, skids, protective tube, thermal insulation, protection by a folded spiral-seam tube, pulling-in, BLS®/VRS®-T restrained joints, temporary pipeline, economic point of view, Canton of Uri, sewer, agricultural area, holiday homes, Eggberge (near Altdorf), replacement, Abwasser Uri Aktiengesellschaft, difficult geology, bedrock, vonRollgeopur, polyurethane (PUR) lining, zinc/bitumen outer coating, EN 598, installation position, coefficient of roughness, pipes were bedded and enclosed, rocky backfill material, rock-protection material, vonRollrock, excavated material, backfill the trench, working life, tension piles, overhead power line, Tyrol, end-bearing piles, spigot end, socket joint, friction piles, load-bearing capacity, driving times, tensile forces, additional reinforcement, rebars, DYWIDAG GEWI bar, compression piles, levels of skin friction, compressive load, reinforcing system, foundation for pylons, 110 kV power line, Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, application.
Oct. 2011 issue
Keywords: Canton of Obwalden, Herber small hydroelectric power station, Gemeinde-Wasserversorgung Giswil, fully protected ductile iron pipes, Elektrizitätswerk Obwalden, water pressure pipeline, ductile iron pipes, DN 200, PFA = 40 bar, wall-thickness class K 9, penstock pipeline, Pörter power station, net head, vonRollecopur, fully protected push-in jointed pipes, reinforced coating, EN 545, lining, EN 15655, polyurethane, EN 15189, push-in joint system, vonRollecosys, economically, connected easily and quickly, turbine, speed, water flowing at a nominal rate, output, minimal wall roughness, head, replacement, water pipeline, market town of Wiesentheid, Lower Franconia, main roads, drinking water pipelines, Nikolaus-Fey-Straße, ductile iron, cement mortar lining, trenchlessly, directional drilling technique, pipes connected one by one, DN 150, BLS® restrained push-in joint, costs, saves, pulling-in of the pipes, local residents, traffic on the road, Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide, snow-making system, Cross-Country Skiing Arena, Lantsch/Lenz, ductile iron pipe system, economical solution, snow-making infrastructure, DN 100, PFA 64, polyurethane (PUR) lining, zinc coating, bituminous finishing layer, ductile iron fittings, cross-country skiing lodge, installation requirements, high operating pressure, steep and stony terrain, pipes often have to be brought in, helicopter, unaffected by the weather, energy efficiency, energy generation, municipality of Flachau, Pongau, Austria, rehabilitation, PVC pressure pipeline, Marbach Springs, geodetic difference in height, pressure break manholes, diameter of the pipeline, demand for drinking water, difference in height, intake structure at the springs, structure distributing the water, produce energy, plastic pipeline, DN 400, hydroelectric power station, operating pressures, 25 bars, laying of the new, hydroelectric power station, Pelton turbine, synchronous generator, renewable energy, water power.
Sept. 2011 issue
Keywords: Replacement of a gate valve, town of Brandenburg an der Havel, DN 800 sewage pressure pipeline, steel pipeline, culvert pipeline, old pipeline, withdrawn from service, bends, BLS® push-in joints, BLS® dismantling pieces, welded beads, „culvert“ section, BLS® flanged socket, BLS® flanged spigot, easy and quick connection, restrained BLS® joints, BLS® segments, ease of connection, BLS® system, large nominal sizes, water pipeline, „Graben“ industrial park, municipality of Graben, Augsburg district, internet retailer, discount food store chains, logistics centres, to develop, supply pipeline for drinking water, DN 200 local supply pipeline, DN 150 ductile iron pipes, Wasserzweckverband Lechfeld, pressure testing, completed on schedule, fair play, Ayas valley, Valtournenche valley, region of the Aosta Valley, hydrological conditions, west of the Italian Alps, water agreement, drinking water supply systems, subsidiary tender, Tour Ronde and Cometto e Tercinod installing companies, steel pipes, technology used for connecting, 5 metre length, BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joints, installation work, sections, village of Massouquin to Pra Charbon, date for completion, topographical conditions, steep slopes, rocky terrain, commune of Ayas, speed of installation, DN 250 and DN 125 pressure pipes, replacement, trunk main, Lengefeld, Wasserleitungsverband „Ost-Obereichsfeld“ Helmsdorf, federal state of Thuringia, service reservoir, B 247 federal highway, village of Lengefeld, municipality of Anrode, TYTON® push-in joints, zinc coating, epoxy finishing layer, minimum wall thickness, pipeline installation operation, stream to be crossed, trenchless horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technique, cement mortar coating.
Jul./Aug. 2011 issue
Keywords: EADIPS®/FGR®, Vienna, 121st Annual Conference, ÖVGW, DUKTUS, managing director, member of the Technical Advisory Board, papers, joint paper, future of ductile iron and steel pipes, developments, future strategies, metallic materials, water supply, trade show, shared stand, contacts, replacement, drinking water pipeline, DN 100, Wasserbeschaffungsverband Rheingau-Taunus, Hohenstein-Breithardt, Burg Hohenstein, high operating pressure, ductile iron pipes, forest, meadow, cement mortar coating, restrained, concrete thrust blocks, sealing and restraint components, TYTON SIT PLUS® gasket rings, pressure testing, easy and quick, installation, ductile iron pipe systems, hydrant pipeline, Lungern Tunnel, pipeline for fire-extinguishing water, Giswil Tunnel, bypass for the village, main structure, two-way traffic, bypass, connection to the A 8 national highway, Haslital, Brünig-Scheitel Tunnel, fire protection, tunnel verge, DN 200 K 9, vonRollducpur, minimum wall thickness, polyurethane lining, EN 15655, zinc/bitumen coating, flexibility, push-in joint system, vonRollecosys, material, ductile cast iron, DN 150 vonRollecopur fully protected pipes, EN 545, polyurethane coating, Zollhaus Tunnel, Elster Culvert Döllnitz construction, Halle an der Saale, Elster-Luppe-Aue landscape protection and special bird sanctuary, Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft GmbH, town of Merseburg, secure supply of drinking water, steel and asbestos-cement pipes, DN 500, wall-thickness class K 9, open trenches, DN 400, BLS® push-in joints, ZM-U, trenchless, horizontal directional drilling technique, HDD, environmentally friendly installation technique, economical, protection area, shrinkable sleeves, sheet-metal cones, drilling and pulling-in machine, minimum tractive force, connecting ramp, pulled in one by one, installation pit, length, angle of entry, drilled bore, connected up, BLS® ductile iron fittings.
Jun. 2011 issue
Keywords: Replacement, combined sewer, federal state of Brandenburg, river Havel, Neuendorfer Straße, supply and disposal pipelines, road-building work, tram-track laying, ductile iron sewer pipes, DN 600 nominal size, TYTON® push-in joints, easy assembling, ductile iron pipes, quick fitting, saddles, swift progress with the installation work, route of the pipes, road and tram traffic, traffic loads, vibration, stray currents, zinc coating, epoxy finishing layer, DN 300 ductile iron drinking water pipes, area containing intersections, sections run in casing pipes, BLS®  push-in joint, ductile iron pipe systems, long life, re-equipment, Lämmerbuckel Tunnel, autobahn tunnel, climbs to the Swabian Alps, A 8, Hohenstadt, renovation work, installed, BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joint, eastern portal, connecting manhole, Albwasserversorgungsgruppe, storage tank, supply fire-extinguishing water, DN 100, DN 150, ductile iron, underground hydrant, outlet for fire-extinguishing water, schedule, renovation, Walten small hydroelectric power station, period in operation, South Tyrol, Passeiertal valley, main components, penstock pipeline, turbine, generator, water intake structure, de-sanding system, amendment to the law, „green certificates“, Elektrogenossenschaft Walten, electricity being taken, feed-in tariff, annual output, new capital investment, DN 700, rocky terrain, work, wall-thickness class K 9, cement mortar coating (ZMU), installation period, pressure pipeline, wintry scene, below-zero temperatures, snow, ice, NODIG 2011, Berlin, WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2011, International Conference, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Construction Site Day, trade audience, current state of the art, trenchless installation techniques, performance, press-pull, Hydros, auxiliary pipe technique, world first, replacement, sewer pressure pipeline, DN 300, DN 500, ZMU PLUS pipes, outline in the form of a straight-sided cylinder, special technique, new machinery, enclosing pipe, traction string, adapter, upsizing head, soil, difference in nominal sizes, special augers, feed pipe, assembling pit, innovativeness.
May 2011 issue
Keywords: Ductile iron pipe systems, highly demanding requirements, „Erfurter Kreuz“ industrial park, supplying drinking water, Wasser-/Abwasserzweckverband Arnstadt, extra demand for water, wells, Thuringia’s long-distance water supply system, connecting pipeline, material for the pipes, ductile iron, vonRollducpur DN 400 PN 16 ductile iron pipes, polyurethane (PUR), EN 15655, water from a dam, ductile iron fittings and valves, manufacturers of solar modules, water of constant quality, solar modules, invitation to tender, changes in pH, commissioning, CE marking, ductile iron products, sewerage field, European directives, construction product, harmonised European standard, „essential requirements“, EN 598, sewerage applications, declaration of conformity, construction products directive, features which define performance, evidence, national certificates, EADIPS®/FGR®, sewerage products, WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2011, activities, exhibitors‘ stands, meeting points, contacts, stands, member companies, Duktus, vonRoll hydro, Düker, congresses, forums, other events, water industry, science, research, congresses and similar events, wat + WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL, Russia Forum, International NO DIG Conference, Forum for the German States, Construction Site Day, figawa, Raimund Moisa, possible applications, trenchless installation and replacement techniques, trenchless techniques, talk on ductile iron pipes, generation of renewable energy, construction and operation, hydroelectric power stations, Dr. Jürgen Rammelsberg, Alpine countries, Norway, projects, total length, renewable energies, turn to such energies, Europe.
Apr. 2011 issue
Keywords: HDD technique, pipe-by-pipe connection, Berlin Charlottenburg, footway, river Havel, Schildhorn, pipeline for raw water, DN 700, installation, trenchless, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, ductile cast iron, wall-thickness class K 10, BLS® restrained joints, external protection, cement mortar coating, EN 15542, joint region, shrink-on sleeve, sheet-metal cone, ramp, drilled bore, DN 800 calibrating body, ductile iron pipes, pipe string, buoyant, tractive force, drilling rig, Brixen, Grubenwiesenquelle spring, Schladerertal valley, Vahrn district of the town of Brixen, drinking water, water intake structure, pipeline from the spring, Stadtwerke Brixen AG, section of the pipeline, difficult topographic conditions, Alpine terrain, restrained BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joints, high-alumina cement mortar, laying length, route, tight radiuses, fittings, installation work, DN 400, DN 300, pipeline for drainage, pipeline for fire-extinguishing water, Schönthal tunnel, Ergolztal valley, Frenkental valleys, main highway, Pratteln, Liestal, A 2 national highway, total length, principal piece of construction work, bypass, polyurethane lining, EN 15655, vonRollecosys system, vonRollecopur fully protected pipes, DN 200, EN 545, pipelines to the hydrants, DN 150, drainage of the highway, vonRollgeopur wastewater pipes, main pipeline, DN 250, transverse pipelines, drainage inlets from the carriageway, zinc coating, bitumen finishing layer, sewer installed, Stadtwerke Ostfildern, new wastewater sewer, Parksiedlung Ostfildern housing estate, pipe material selected, sloping ground, limited amount of space, installation site, difficult soil, ductile iron sewer pipes, DN 600, epoxy finishing layer, BLS® push-in joint, conditions for installation, reliable operation, easy assembly, economical installation, safe operation, installing company Moll, Gruibingen, manufacturer of the ductile iron pipes, how to connect, schedule for installation, reliable snow, Feldberg mountain, ski resort, Black Forest, Feldberg Liftverbund, snow-making systems, client, Ingenieurbüro Klenkhart & Partner Consulting ZT Gesellschaft m.b.H., Absam, Tyrol, DN 80, installing company, GEO-ALPINBAU GmbH, Imst, time slot for installation, pipe joint system, start of the season, snow-making systems.
Mar. 2011 issue
Keywords: Ductile iron pipe systems, European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems · EADIPS®, Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR®) e. V., WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2011 Trade Fair, Berlin, applications, EADIPS®/FGR® Annual Journal No. 45 „DUCTILE IRON PIPE SYSTEMS“, EADIPS®/FGR® Newsletter, EADIPS®/FGR® E-Book „Ductile Iron Pipe Systems“, exhibition stands, member companies of the EADIPS®/FGR®, very up-to-date product developments, uses to which they can be put, Düker GmbH & Co. KGaA, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, Duktus Tiroler Rohrsysteme GmbH, Keulahütte GmbH, vonRoll hydro (deutschland) gmbh, vonRoll hydro (suisse) ag, DN 800 ductile iron sewer pipes, medieval old-town, little town of Treuenbrietzen, Brandenburg, historic buildings, installed at a shallow depth, drainage system for rainwater, planning authority, „Breite Straße“, „Bäckerstraße“, EN 598, pipes zinc coated on the outside, epoxy finishing layer, lining, high-alumina cement mortar, biogenic corrosion, abrasion, sand, chippings, Bosnia-Herzegovina, distributing pipelines for water, public water supply, Balkan country, people who are connected, combined municipality of Grude, system for supplying drinking water, region covered by the municipality, network of drinking water pipelines, wells, health risk, new pipelines, ductile iron, nominal sizes, DN 400, DN 300, DN 150, PUR Longlife coating, BLS®/VRS®-T push-in joint, know-how passed on, local installing companies, technique of installing, prestige project, strengthening of communal structures, developing, crossing, stretch of railway line between Bitterfeld and Leipzig, town of Delitzsch, drinking water, Prellheide, town of Spröda, transporting pipeline, DN 500 steel pipes, treatment, area where it crossed the stretch of railway line, steel pipeline, DERAWA Zweckverband Delitzsch-Rackwitzer Wasserversorgung, region where the railway line was crossed, pipeline of DN 500 ductile iron pipes, new route, starting pit, DN 1000 reinforced concrete protective pipes, guided pipe jacking, tracks, watertight manhole, skids for sliding, pipe cradles, lead-throughs for the pipes, fittings.
Feb. 2011 issue
Keywords: Supply of drinking and fire-extinguishing water, Frankfurt Airport, requirement for drinking water and fire-extinguishing water, Frankfurt am Main Airport, Fraport AG, connecting pipeline, DN 350, Hinkelstein waterworks, Hessenwasser GmbH & Co. KG, chlorinating station, drinking water pipeline, DN 400, ductile iron, replacement, ductile iron pipes, BLS® restrained push-in joint, skids for sliding, protective casing tube, DN 1200, joint system, TYTON SIT PLUS®, open trenches, route, regional railway linking the airport and Kelsterbach, Frankfurt-Cologne Intercity Express line, federal highway B 43, A 3 federal autobahn, World Alpine Ski Championships, Winter Olympics, artificial snow-making, ductile iron pipe systems, Austria, state of Tyrol, territory for ski sports, systems, facilities, ski resorts, cover of natural snow, snow-making systems, blanket of snow, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Schladming, Sochi, experience, installation conditions, snow-making systems, steep terrain, „convenience store“, Bergen on the Baltic island of Rügen, investor, unused land, Putbuser Chaussee, new supermarket to be built, main for drinking water, supply utility, DN 300 nominal size, EN 545, BRS® restrained joints, wall thickness class K 9, cement mortar, external protection, metallic zinc coating, blue epoxy finishing layer, road, pressure tested, good hygiene, main, easy connection, local adjustments, installation ahead of the end of the trench, shorter installation time, crossroads, disruption, pipeline for fire-extinguishing water, DN 200, Pepsico Deutschland GmbH, plant, carbonated soft drinks, Nieder-Roden, new filling line, annual output, fire protection measures, ring pipeline, fire-extinguishing water, FM approval, manufacturer, wall-thickness class K 9, internal and external hydrants, sprinkler system, ski resort of Celerina, Bergbahnen Engadin St. Moritz, pumping water, Marguns pumping station, slope which is to be given a cover of snow, vonRollducpur, polyurethane, EN 15655, zinc/bitumen coating, corrosion, DN 100 to DN 250, pressure rating, PN 40 to PN 63, pumping capacity, pipeline network, individual sections, lances, low-pressure machines, accessibility, terrain, dumper, excavator, helicopter, pipeline trench.
Jan. 2011 issue
Keywords: Heat recovery, ductile iron pipes, Rebstein, St. Galler Rheintal, energy-plus building, „Komfort“ ducted ventilation, heat from sewage, hot water, thermal conductivity, frictional flow resistance, polyurethane (PUR) lining, geopur sewer pipes, obtain energy, collector of geothermal heat, „Komfort“ ducted ventilation system, garage entrance, outside parking space, nominal size of DN 200, geopur type, sewage pipe, manhole, municipality’s main sewer, DN 125, walls of the ductile iron pipes, bedding, pipeline, copper tubes, plasticcoated, refrigerant, services room, heat pump, heat hot water, BLS® restrained joints, new housing development, Hochdorf-Assenheim, Zweckverband für Wasserversorgung „Friedelsheimer Gruppe“, selecting the material for its pipes, BLS® positive locking push-in joint system, quick, easy and safe to connect, plots for new homes, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, for detached houses, supplying domestic water, fire-extinguishing water, DN 100, DN 150, wall-thickness class K 9, DIN EN 545, pressure sewage pipeline, Lugano bypass, load imposed by through-traffic, Vedeggio-Cassarate road tunnel, transport plan, Lugano region, Piano dei Trasporti del Luganese (PTL), CDALED (Consorzio Depurazione Acque Lugano e Dintorni) water treatment utility for Lugano and the surrounding area, new road tunnel, Cadro and Bioggio sewage treatment works, portals of the tunnel, sections of pressure pipeline, connecting pipeline, ductile iron sewer pipes, joint system, hydrotight restrained push-in joint, DN 500, geoecopur fully protected pipes, class K 7, polyurethane (PUR) coating, isolated, stray currents, electrochemical attack, smooth finish, roughness coefficient, energy costs, pumping station, environmental sustainability, technical operating life, drinking water, Frankenthal-Eppstein industrial estate, Kartoffel Kuhn company, Mannheim, clean, vegetables, fruit, water, Stadtwerke Frankenthal, Dürkheimer Strasse, impervious to diffusion, zinc coat, epoxy top coating, TYTON SIT PLUS® push-in joint, development work, production buildings.