Newsletter 2010 EN

Nov./Dec. 2010 issue
Keywords: Replacement, „Keilberg“ trunk main, crossing below the A 3 autobahn, Zweckverband zur Wasserversorgung der Aschafftalgemeinden, Goldbach, Aschaffenburg, supply of drinking water, widen the A 3 autobahn, lanes, bridge structure, DN 300 asbestos cement pipeline, ductile iron pipeline, municipality of Bessenbach, area where autobahn was crossed, toilet facilities, parking area, area where it crosses, DN 300, BLS® push-in joints, sliding skids, cable-protecting tubes, control cables, DN 800 steel casing tube, ductile iron water pipeline, Berlin, Märkischer Abwasser- und Wasserzweckverband (MAWV), Königs Wusterhausen, rise in population, home, commercial and industrial companies, Berlin-Brandenburg international airport (BBI), demand for water, DN 600 drinking water pipeline, supplement to the existing network, built-up area, trees already growing, nuisance, population, ductile iron pipes, DIN EN 545, wall-thickness class K 9, BRS® push-in joints, step-by-step advance from the front end, shoring „cassettes“, easily assembled restrained joint system, weather, installation schedule, sewer replaced, town of Nidderau, Wetterau, river Nidder, Glockenstrasse, old sewer pipes, shallow height of cover, cracks, leaking socket joints, high water table, old town, static constraints, half-timbered houses, connections to the sewer, DN 300, DN 500, installation of the sewer, cost, pipe relining, DN 700 steel, Höchster Farbenstrasse, Sindlingen in Frankfurt am Main, damage, road traffic authority, repair, open trench technique, diversion, Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, technique, DN 400, damaged section of pipeline, new pipeline, ductile iron, protect the joints, resistance from friction, shrink-on sleeves, sheet-metal cones, region of the joints, connecting-up, pulling-in, steel pipeline, disinfection, flushing, replacement, Wasserbeschaffungsverband (WBV) Taunus, transporting pipeline, „Lange Meile“, „Rehköpfe“, sections, city limits, Bad Homburg, TYTON SIT PLUS®, zinc coat, epoxy top coating, route, supply lines, operating pressure of 10 bars, PN 16, connections, Friedrichsdorf.
Oct. 2010 issue
Keywords: DN 300 water supply pipeline, arch bridge, Swiss Steel AG, Emmenbrücke near Lucerne, operating pressure, situation for installation, access route to the works, lorry and rail traffic, grey cast iron, packed sockets, services duct, part where footway is situated, cramped conditions, access openings, fully protected pipe, vonRollecopur, ductile iron, corrosion, mechanical damage, polyurethane coating, EN 15189, laying length, movements, vibrations, flexible joints between the ductile pipes, installation, pipe clips, push-in joint, vonRollhydrotight, Tyco Waterworks Europe, TALIS group, Tyco International, Triton private equity firm, FGR® / EADIPS®, ERHARD GmbH & Co. KG, Ludwig Frischhut GmbH & Co. KG, production facilities, employees, valve engineering for water, drinking water supply, island of Rügen, DN 300 asbestos cement pipeline, rehabilitation, route, marshy land, deep gulley, stream, „Zweckverband Wasserversorgung und Abwasserbehandlung Rügen“, Bergen on the island of Rügen, new water pipeline, DN 300 ductile iron pipes, old pipeline, horizontal directional drilling technique, restrained TYT®-BLS® push-in joints, cement mortar coating, angular deflection at sockets, deflection off axis of preceding pipe, uncomplicated connecting together, easy, quick, BLS® locks, rubber sleeves, sheet metal cones, lock system, connection together one by one, target pit, pulling-in, restrained ductile iron pipe system, 110 kV transmission line, building of a new line, Tiroler Wasserkraft AG (TIWAG), Zillertal valley, foundations, high-voltage pylons, „ductile piles“, diameter, concrete grouting, suspension pylon, deviation pylon, tensile loads, compressive loads, advantages as foundation piles, high installation rates per day, low costs, test loadings, criteria for driving, soil conditions, site of next pylon, preliminary excavation, original ground level, unnecessary driving, later excavation, minimised damage, no spoil, driving of the piles.
Sept. 2010 issue
Keywords: Directional drilling, Hoher Asperg, grey cast iron pipeline, Hoher Asperg prison hospital, town of Asperg, drinking water, parts replaced, geodetic difference in height, Zweckverband Bodensee-Wasserversorgung, geological investigations, trenchless horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technique, Hohenasperg nature reserve, route followed by the pipeline, gypsum mine, steeply inclined position, difficult conditions for installation, ductile cast iron, pipe material, HDD technique, DN 150 ductile iron pipes, BLS® push-in joint, cement mortar coating, directionally drilled sections, quick installation, market town of St. Florian, Upper Austria, ductile pressure pipes, sewer pipeline, ductile iron piles, foundation for the pipeline, difficult ground conditions, „sewer on piles“ system, silty clayey and boggy soils, safely and securely positioned, pipe foundation, external protection for the pipes, corrosive soils, PUR (polyurethane) Top coating, long life, economical investment, investment as a whole, ÖKOPROFIT (Öko = Eco logical Project for Integrated Environmental Technology),  Düker GmbH & Co. KGaA of Karlstadt and Laufach, FGR® / EADIPS®, ÖKOPROFIT company, conservation of natural resources, energy consumption, waste and emissions, operating costs, efficiency with which materials and energy are used, environmental protection, award, Initiative Bayerischer Untermain, fully protected ductile pipe, vonRollecopur, polyurethane (PUR), European standards, EN 545, DVGW, SVGW, drinking water field, PUR lining, EN 15655, coating, EN 15189, classes of corrosiveness, ph1 to ph 14, low coefficient of roughness, flow rate, head losses, PUR lining, abrasion, locked against longitudinal forces, joints between pipes, vonRollhydrotight, special tasks, Keulahütte GmbH, Krauschwitz, customized designs, above-ground hydrant, design, requirements, Mittelmärkische Wasser- und Abwasser GmbH, Kleinmachnow, Eurodrant 80, DN 80, head of the hydrant, features in the design, public spaces.
Jul./Aug. 2010 issue
Keywords: Town of Calau, Springteichallee, Lower Lusatia, triangle of autobahns to the south of the Spree Forest, supply and disposal pipelines, ductile iron pipes, drinking water pipes, DN 300, EN 545, TYTON®, TYTON®-BRS®, rainwater pipeline, sewer pipes, EN 598, DN 500, DN 600, DN 700, DN 800, pipe manufacturer, structural design, service, small height of cover, wall-thickness class K 9, manholes, flexible joints, manhole connectors, range of ductile sewer fittings, differences in settlement, ductility, pipe material, push-in joint, DIN 28603, resistant to the penetration of roots, transported, water aggressive to concrete, grey cast iron pipeline carrying raw water, „Hintermark“ spring intake structure, Offenbach district, damage, Zweckverband Wasserversorgung Stadt und Kreis Offenbach (ZWO), pipe replacement, DN 100, DN 150, DN 200, DN 250, ZWO laboratories, well water, aggressiveness to concrete, lined with cement mortar, plastic pipes, blast furnace cement, internal protection for the pipes, analyses of the raw water by ZWO, „Chemisches und mikrobiologisches Institut UEG GmbH“, DIN 2880, high-alumina cement mortar, resistant in the long term, good experience, pipeline network, view, institute, Hungary, sustainability, future, water utilities, chambers of engineers, scientific community, water industry, water losses, pipeline networks, replacement rate, inflation, water supply and sewage and wastewater disposal systems, EU requirements, capital investments, cost-benefit analyses, manual for „Specific Investment Costs“, specialist bodies, association of operators, water utilities-MAVIZ, Hungarian Academy of Sciences-HAS, Hungarian Chamber of Engineers-MMK, MaSzeSz Magyar Szenyviztechnikai Szövetség, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, useful life, economics, friendliness to the environment, pipeline materials, 19th century, practical findings, ductile iron pipe systems, next generation, ductile main sewage pressure pipeline, environment, „Savona Consortium for Sewage Treatment“, emergency, beach-side promenade, town of Albissola, province of Savona, pressure losses, environmental pollution, replace, steel pipeline, requirements, operation under pressure, resistance to sea water, guaranteed leak tightness of the joints, easy connection, price-to-performance ratio, DN 700, ECOPUR, polyurethane (PUR) coating, EN 15189, resistance to sea water, external thrust resistance system, short installation time.
Jun. 2010 issue
Keywords: D.C. tramway, ductile drinking water pipelines, Angers, Avrillé, France, tram line, rapid-transit link, route of the tramway, „Angers Loire Métropole“, pipe material, area affected by stray currents, vonRollecopur, polyurethane coating, polyurethane lining, EN 15189, corrosion, corrosive soils, electrochemical effects, EN 15655, requirements for drinking water hygiene, nominal sizes from DN 80 to DN 700, wall-thickness class K 9, laid, ductile iron sewer pipes, small height of cover, Schönborn, Doberlug-Kirchhain, Elbe-Elster district, L 60 secondary road, route through the village, DN 500, DIN EN 598, TYTON® push-in joint, lateral inlets, ductile saddles, discharges into drainage ditches, slope of the ditch profile, German National Garden Show in Koblenz, Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer, Elector’s Palace, Deutsches Eck, new design, berths for Rhine pleasure boats, Rhine pleasure boats tied up, electricity, auxiliary generator sets, noise, exhaust gases, supply from the shore, electricity, supply, rising pontoons, kiosks, admission booths, KEVAG, „Koblenzer Elektrizitätswerk und Verkehrs AG“, underground transformer stations, sealed against water under pressure, forced infeed and extraction of air, enclosure, DN 500 ductile iron pipelines, DN 700 ventilation chimneys, level of the water, crossing of large rivers, water and sewer pipelines, laid parallel, safety, pressure-tight against a positive external hydrostatic pressure, functional requirement, EN 598, leak tightness, strength provided by the material, ductile fittings, centrifugal casting plant, Duktus Tiroler Rohrsysteme GmbH, producing centrifugally cast ductile iron pipes, EMK converter, VRS push-in joint, latest centrifugal casting technology, advanced process control, wall-thicknesses, tolerances within a very tight range, production, 5 m long pipes, range of nominal sizes from DN 80 to DN 200, ductile driven piles, capital investment, Hall in Tirol site, single investment, opportunities on the market, ductile iron pipe systems.
May 2010 issue
Keywords: Member companies, FGR packing standard, fittings, packing, EADIPS®/FGR®, pressure-pipe fittings, nominal sizes up to DN 300, protective caps, FGR 74 – Packing of fittings, nominal sizes of DN 350, shrink film, protective covers, innovative solution, drinking water fittings, dirt and fouling, variant types of coating, damage, transported, stored, despatched, bases for standardisation, German market, DIN EN 805, DVGW rules, Duktus, international get-together, water industry, foundation engineering, Salzlager Hall in Hall in Tirol, Austria, Buderus Giesserei Wetzlar GmbH, Tiroler Roehren- und Metallwerke AG, company name and trademark of “Duktus”, Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH, Duktus Tiroler Rohrsysteme GmbH, Duktus S.A. group of companies – Austrian division, Pipe and Pile International S.A., pipeline, material, ductile iron, 2010 FGR / EADIPS Conference for College and University Teachers, Lusatia region, informative event, Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR) e. V., college and university teachers, construction, Brandenburg, conversion, open-cast mining of brown coal, landscape, area of lakeland, leisure and recreational activities, Keulahuette GmbH iron foundry – Krauschwitz, fittings, valves, hydrants, water industry, foundry output, wind turbines, railway wagons, inspection of the works, adjustments in structure, conference, Grossraeschen, Professor Dr. Rolf Kuhn, IBA Grossraeschen exhibition body, mine reclamation region, Lusatia lakeland, industry, IBA projects, landscape scarred by open-cast mining, Saxony, tourists, services, papers, developments as a material, spheroidal graphite, corrosion protection, experiences, instructions, commissioning, pipelines, cement mortar, internal protection, performance, ductile iron pipe systems, laying and renovation, drinking water pipelines, member companies, programme of papers and talks, FIHB, the association that promotes the dissemination of information to college and university teachers teaching civil engineering and construction.
Apr. 2010 issue
Keywords: Technically demanding pipeline installation, Gebr. Hersperger AG, municipality of Männedorf, Lake Zurich, DN 400 connecting pipeline, area of building site, rocky terrain, marked changes in level, angled route followed by pipeline, concrete duct, buildingground, topography, route, standardised method of pipe connection, pipe systems, specification, Switzerland, ductile iron pipe, polyurethane-coated, built-in rock-shielding material, ruggedness, fully protected pipes, EN 15189, internal and external vonRoll thrust resisting systems, easy and reliable connection, special pipes, Berlin’s Müggel Hills, recreational area, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, pressure pipeline for sewage, traffic requirements, double pipeline, trenchless laying of new pipelines, DN 250 ductile iron sewer pipes, DIN EN 598, restrained socket joints, cement mortar coating, high tractive forces, TYTON® BLS® push-in joints, thickness of layer of cement mortar, body of the pipe, socket on the pipe, cylindrical outline shape, steered pilot bore, DN 200 restrained auxiliary tubes, tubes of steel, feed-out of spoil, machine trench, upsizing head, exact sizing, oversize cut, skin friction, infeed of bentonite, burst lining site, South Tyrol, Stadtwerke Brixen AG, water pipeline replacement, grey cast iron pipeline of 1904, Tracto Technik company, Grundoburst 400 G, burst lining technique, DN 150 ductile iron pipes, EN 15542, maximum tractive force, tractive force measured, on-line measurement, Grundolog, old town, pedestrian zone.
Mar. 2010 issue
Keywords: 2011 German National Garden Show, Koblenz, „Neustadt“ re-design, entrance, „Energieversorgung Mittelrhein GmbH“ supply company, DN 450 drinking water transporting pipeline, grey cast iron, DN 500 pipeline, ductile iron, Mainzer Strasse, Deinhardplatz, push-in joint, non-restrained TYTON® push-in joint, friction-locked BRS® push-in joint, DN 400 steel pipeline for gas, trench, parallel laying, Stresemannstrasse, DN 500 transporting pipeline, tree-planting work, re-laying, laying of a new sewer, Rauenberg connecting sewer, municipality of Freudenberg am Main, Rauenberg sewage treatment plant, Wessental-Boxtal intercepting sewer, villages, Ebenheid, Mondfeld-Boxtal community sewage treatment plant, DN 200 sewer pipes, polypropylene, ductile iron sewer pipes, DIN EN 598, zinc coat, epoxy top coating, quick and economical installation, 2010 Oldenburg Pipeline Forum, event, ductile iron pipe systems, set of papers, Kling Consult, trench-laid DN 400 PN 10 water pipeline, Ruhrkohle AG (RAG), parallel pipeline, renaturalisation of river Emscher, Niederrheinische Versorgung und Verkehr AG, DN 500 transporting pipeline for untreated water, trenchless replacement techniques, NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, relining without any problems, old DN 500 grey cast iron pipeline, drinking water, Alleenring ring-road in Frankfurt am Main, inner-city, DN 300 ductile iron pipes, DN 1100 waste-water pressure pipeline, J. Pfaffinger Bauunternehmen GmbH, chairman of the board of the Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR) e. V., press conference, trade press, re-positioning of the EADIPS®/FGR®, European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems, European association, guideline, quality assurance measures, useful life, quality of installation work and underground construction work, Austria, in-house and outside monitoring, pipe production, ARGE Österreichische Güteanforderungen [Austrian Quality Requirements Association], pipe products and fittings, installing industry, engineering and laying work, site, useful life for costing purposes, ÖVGW,, GRIS,, GWT,, products for urban water.
Feb. 2010 issue
Keywords: Ductile filling and gravity output pipelines, municipality of Wöllstein, security of supply, supply of drinking water and fire-extinguishing water, village of Gau-Bickelheim, „Streitberg“ high-level drinking water service reservoir, DN 200 and DN 250 ductile iron pipes, pressure classes PN 10 and PN 16, cement mortar lining, cement mortar coating, external protection, excavated material, backfilling, area occupied by pipelines, working space, connections between pipes, frictional TYTON SIT PLUS® push-in joint, working strip, pipe installation, installation from the trench with no lateral access, installation technique, rehabilitation, replacement, municipality of Haibach, Aschaffenburg, drinking water pipelines, nominal sizes from DN 80 to DN 150, zinc coat, epoxy-based top coating, length of the pipeline, laid with restrained joints, positive locking restrained BLS® push-in joint, re-equipment for fire-extinguishing water, Ditschhardt Tunnel, federal highway B 257, German „Guidelines for the Equipment and Operation of Road Tunnels“ (RABT) – 2006 version, the event of a fire, flow-rate of extinguishing water, minimum pressure of 6 bars, fire-extinguishing water, DN 125 pressure pipeline, BLS® / BLS® socket system, structure of the road, pipeline for fire-extinguishing water, points of supply, interval between hydrants, DN 80 ductile iron pipes, temporary traffic lights, sustainability, Hessenwasser GmbH & Co. KG, Biblis waterworks, Jägersburg waterworks, Wasserbeschaffungsverband Riedgruppe Ost, DN 400 – K 9 drinking water pipes, TYTON® push-in joint, changes of direction, concrete thrust blocks, fittings, restrained BLS® push-in joint, DVGW-Arbeitsblatt GW 368, class III water protection zone, class II water protection zone, secondary road L 3111, drilling technique, DN 700 protective steel casing tube, ductile iron water-carrying pipe, transporting clamps, future generations, water of good quality, long working life, water distribution, economic benefit.
Jan. 2010 issue
Keywords: FGR, Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme, technical and economic advantages, ductile iron pipe systems, European ductile iron pipe association, European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems, EADIPS, manufacturers of valves, board of management of the EADIPS®/FGR®, CEO of the EADIPS®/FGR®, system products, product news and information, public relations, training work, technical college and university work, standardisation, European industrial association, sustainability, benefit to the water industry, ductile iron sewer pipes, DN400, utilities companies in the town of Meiningen, local sewer system in Helba (district of Meiningen) , DIN EN 598, TYTON® push-in joint, cement mortar coating, DIN EN 15542, ductile iron pipes, very bad weather, narrow and difficult laying route, area of the banks of the river, the river Helba, varying compaction, bedding of pipes, ductile iron pipes remain stable in shape and position, completion of laying work on time, „alcohol“ collection, Berliner Naturkundemuseum, Senate of Berlin, Humboldt University, fire-extinguishing pipes, nominal sizes of DN 100 and DN 200, ductile iron, TYTON®-BRS® restrained joint, allowable operating pressure, PFA 25, deflection of up to 3°, glass vessels containing alcohol, valuable preserved zoological specimens, current fire-safety requirements, rugged rock shield coating – economical and rugged, proven provisions for pipe protection, use in rocky ground, polypropylene rock shield coating, unique impact resistance, assembly and installation, high mechanical strength of ductile iron, excellent health and sanitary properties, outstanding hydrodynamic properties, combined sealing and restraint system, installation, transport costs, site traffic, long useful life, vonRollrock, sharp-edged or pointed material used to backfill trenches, 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, Caucasus Mountains, XXII Winter Olympics, 2014 XI Winter Paralympics, snow-making systems, range of nominal sizes from DN 80 to DN 300, ductile iron fittings, Black Sea, maximum operating pressure of 100 bars, very steep ski runs, Rosa Khutor ski resort, rugged pipes, VRS-T / BRS® push-in joint, advantages, quick and easy to assembly, accepts angular deflections, fully sealed.